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Study for Dialogue Device @ Folly Tree Arboretum

Study for Dialogue Device @ Folly Tree Arboretum

Saturday, August 5 at 7 PM - 11 PM

An evening of barn-burning, stage-sizzling, side-splitting, spirit-summoning, riot-raising, humorous, satirical, dead serious, OR ~calming~ and peaceful LIVE LIVE LIVE performances !!!!!!  

@ Folly Tree Arboretum
741 Springs Fireplace Rd. 
East Hampton, New York 11937

with performances by: 

You!!!! (open stage!) 
Anna Azizzy
Jamie Bayard
Sarah Blakley-Cartwright
Jonathan Campolo
Nick Crockett
Becs Epstein
Nick Fusaro
Julian Glander
Sarah Goetz
Isla Hansen
Josie Ariel Keefe
Carlos Lama
Lola Lama
Tucker Marder
Adam Milner
Britt Moseley
Juliet Philips
Christian Scheider
Audrey Snyder
Moses Wiliams
Ryan Withall

With special guests: Joku and the Flock Stars

And special host: Jesse Kauppila